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Senior Life Insurance Company was incorporated in December of 1970 in Georgia. In July of 2000 Dale and Ron Powell purchased the company which at that time was licensed in six states. Since new ownership, Senior Life has expanded into 13 states plus the District of Columbia. Our future goals are to become licensed in all fifty states and become the #1 leader in the senior market in America.

Senior Life is unique in many ways. We want you to discover our uniqueness firsthand. The following explanations will illustrate why we are growing at our current pace and further clarify why we will be the household name in the senior market.


First and most importantly, Senior Life is agent-owned. What this means is our leadership has many years of experience working in the field as well as in management positions. This helps us make decisions from an agent perspective. Second of all, our efforts are concentrated in assuring anyone who would like an opportunity in the final expense industry that we have the best comprehensive benefits package in the market. Third, our home office staff is continually trained in management as well as field trained by an agent. The field training reassures the new agent of the importance management places on the support needed from their home office staff. We constantly strive to make everyone???s job easier by placing a high degree of importance on our continuing education program. Fourth, the Chairman of the Board and President are active with all levels of management and in the field. Their involvement provides them firsthand insight of current agent requests, needs and the market conditions that change on a consistent basis. YOU are our company and we are proud to play a role in your success!

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In summary, Senior Life works for YOU! We have never and will never want YOU to feel that you are working for Senior Life. We invite you to join our family and reach whatever level of success you and your family desire.